It’s a four day holiday for many so lets go mad. Okay so we still have to stay in our own homes or possibly someone else’s garden up to 6 people, but we can still have some fun, eat some lovely food, sip wine and try and get a little bit of that lost feeling of good wellbeing back in to our lives. I am offering you some complete meal boxes to suit whichever day you like and these can be ordered for 2/4/6 people. The produce will all be sourced as far as possible from local small independents and quality suppliers.

Box A – Something Fishy Going On
£59 for 2, £110 for 4, £160 for 6

Smooth Smoked Mackerel Pate with Sourdough Toast and Concasse of Fresh Tomato in Olive Oil
Bay Crumbed Salmon with Creamed Spinach and Wild Mushrooms
Crispy Baked Garlic Crushed New Potatoes
Braised Carrots in Stock and Butter
Spring Greens, Purple Sprouting and Asparagus
Lemon and Lime Tart with Lime Marscapone Cream and Lemon Shortbread
Mini Lemon Yoghurt Cake with Candied Peel
*the fish is supplied by Rachel at The Fish Emporium Claines, Spring Greens, Asparagus, Carrots and Purple Sprouting from Pershore

Box B – Something A Bit More Sheepish
£76 for 2 (half leg), £132 for 4 (half Leg), £180 for 6 (whole leg)

New Seasons Asparagus and Jersey Royal (sorry not local but from the fruit shack at St Peters Garden Centre) Salad with Crispy Chorizo and Garlic Croutons
Greek Style Roast Leg Of Lamb studded with Oregano, Garlic and Lemon Zest
On a bed of Olive Oil Roasted New Potatoes with a Tomato Piperade and Lamb Jus.
(to give enough lamb to cook well you will get a half Leg Boned and rolled – so at least 4 portions for 2 people, about right for 4 people and a slightly bigger cut for 6)
Braised Carrots in Stock and Butter
Purple Sprouting Cheese
Spring Greens
Hot Cross Bun and Butter Pudding – Rich Fruity baked custard pudding laced with
Orange Zest and Brandy
(I would suggest you buy in some vanilla ice cream for this it will work beautifully)
Mini Lemon Yoghurt Cake with Candid Peel
*this is all about the lamb – beautiful local lamb from Narraways of St Johns who have a superb long history of being purveyors of quality local produce, you get what you pay for in my opinion.
Asparagus, Carrots, Purple Sprouting and Greens from Pershore

Additional Dish to order

Italian Aubergine and Courgette Parmigiana Lasagne (GF)
Layers of griddled vegetables betwixt a delicious tomato ragu and topped with a parmesan white sauce £7.00
Add Greens Medley £6.00